As I attempt to write this “about” section, I can’t help but wonder who would be interested in where I was born (Winter Park, FL) or where I went to college (Arizona State and University of Wales-Swansea) or about my hobbies (running and traveling) or what fuels me (mainly nicotine gum and coffee). Regardless, here we are, and I am thankful for those of you who have stumbled onto this piece of the Internet.

I am an author, a traveler and a former U.S. Marine

After graduating from Marine Corps Recruit Depot, Paris Island, 1 August 1997, I spent a few years as a reservist and a few years on active duty. Following a tour in Iraq, my active service ended in 2003. I started college and began writing for the campus newspaper. While the transition to college was difficult, returning to writing seemed natural.

The highlight of my college journalism career was when I scored a press pass to the 2004 presidential debate in Tempe, Arizona. Unconcerned with the evening’s main event, I found the beer tent, drank my weight in free beer, and then ventured into the land of the sober to make a fool of myself—I interrupted an international television interview in order to tell Sen. John McCain that I appreciated his military service. I didn’t take any notes, but ended up publishing a Hunter S. Thompson-inspired article that, at the time, I was very proud of writing. A drunken college student with a platform, no matter how small, can be a dangerous thing. Thankfully, I’ve since found a thing called professionalism.

My first publishing experience was with Arizona Highways, an outdoorsy regional magazine which, among other things, paid me to jet ski the Colorado river, watch biologists catch bighorn sheep from helicopters, and survey desert intaglios in an 80-year-old, open cockpit bi-plane. I’ve since published pieces in numerous publications, and look forward to many more.

While I don’t always enjoy writing, and delete way more than I publish, I enjoy the opportunities I get—and the people I meet—through my writing adventures.

The blog section of this site will reflect some of my interests (hiking, running, traveling related stuff). I will attempt to be interesting.


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