about-page“A moving, straightforward chronicle . . . it’s a testament to friendship”

The Los Angeles Times

The Guilt | Directed by Clint Van Winkle

31 Minutes | A Brave New Foundation/Operation In Their Boots Production
Featuring Cpl Shawn Kipper, SSgt David Paxson and Clint Van Winkle

The Guilt is a documentary short that examines survivor’s guilt in veterans. Three Marines return home from war with images of Nasariyah, one of the bloodiest battles of the Iraq War, and other experiences, seared into their memories. Though home, their heads are still at war—with their experiences, their realities, the deaths of friends and dreams, and their futures.

The Guilt, Sneak Peek

The Guilt

The Guilt, Promo

The Guilt challenges the boundaries of war—where they start on the ground and continue in the mind—highlights the power friends have to help each other heal, and explores the challenging odyssey of young men returning from war.

I wrote and directed the film as an Operation in Their Boots film-making fellow, which was funded and supported by Brave New Foundation.

The Guilt premiered, along with the four other Operation In Their Boots’ films, at the Downtown Independent (Los Angeles) in 2010. It then went on to become an official selection at the 2011 G.I. Film Festival and the 2012 Awareness Film Festival. The film has since aired numerous times on The Pentagon Channel.

Two of the Marines in the film are featured in my book Soft Spots.

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